La bataille de Kadesh entre le temps de Ramsès II et de Mohamed Alipar Fathi Saleh

25 mars 2014

Par Fathi Saleh, ancien ambassadeur, ancien chef de la délégation Permanente d'Égypte à l'Unesco.

The Battle of Kadesh took place between the forces of the Egyptian Empire under Ramesses II and the Hittite Empire (Turkey) under at the city of Kadesh on the Orontes River, south the city of Homs in the Syrian Arab Republic.

The battle is generally dated to 1274 BC, and is the earliest battle in recorded history for which details of tactics and formations are known. It was probably the largest chariot battle ever fought, involving perhaps 5,000–6,000 chariots.

The battle of Homs took place in the year 1832 at the time of Mohamed Ali again between the Egyptian army and the Othman empire within few kilometers from the old site of Kadesh. The plans and animations of the battle were compiled by prince Omar Tousson.

The presentation is a multimedia visualization of the complete scene and text of the battle of Kadesh as inscribed on the walls of Abu Simbel in unprecedented way, as well as the animation of the battle of Homs 3000 years later as compiled by Prince Omar Tousson.

Paris, La Défense, auditorium T1 GDF SUEZ.